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ScreenPlay and Journey One

ScreenPlay and Journey One

The ScreenPlay and Journey One series of animated computational arts work by Daniel Mafe and Andrew R. Brown were exhibited at The Block, in Brisbane, Australia in 2005.

ScreenPlay consists of real-time digital animation/sound screen works created with the ActivePixels software written by Andrew R. Brown. These works are collaborations between Daniel Mafe and Andrew Brown. Together they have been constructing a new graphic and sound program that can algorithmically generate evolutionary material that shifts across a paradigmatically determined structural landscape. From this process emerge digital animated works that last indefinitely and create surprising, unpredictable and mesmerizing interactions of pattern, colour and sound.  These hauntingly beautiful works utilise assemblages of shapes and sounds, and scannings or reconstitutions based on imagery and text. ScreenPlay is an exhibition of an intensely lyrical nature, which further explores the substance and dynamic architecture of the computer screen itself, strongly questioning what it is to see and understand that seeing.

Red Morph
Skull Morph
Red Morph 2

Journey One is a generative audio visual work by Andrew Brown and Daniel Mafe. It was part of an exhibition held in The Block, Brisbane, Australia, in February of 2005. This work was developed using the ActivePixels software written by the artists and employed multiple cellular automata matrices to produce data mapped to both visual animations and the accompany the music. The generative nature of the algorithm means that the outcome is indeterminate; it will be different each time it runs. Indeterminacy is used to deliberately add an element of surprise and risk to performances of the work, and keeps experiences of the works fresh for the artist, not only the first time viewer.