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Endless Moments

Endless Moments

“Endless Moments” is a real-time generative audiovisual work that features a polyphonic generative audio system playing consonant synthesized sounds with a gentle rhythmic energy. The visual materials include algorithmically generated textures and shapes, subtly synchronised to the music, that invoke the earthy tones of the Australian outback. These audio-visual elements are living entities in code that animate with a gentle pulsation, harmoniously synchronising music and image. The ambient sonic landscape draws inspiration from an eclectic array of cultural influences, fusing harmonies and rhythms from around the world within a Western musical framework. The work is part of a series of generative works coded in Javascript using SVG and WebAudio APIs to run in real time in web browsers. The digital generative works that Music Non Stop create possess an inherent duality – a fusion of the fleeting and the timeless, and a sense of ongoing evolution that remains rooted in familiarity. “Endless Moments”, enacts this temporal orientation at a technical level by locking the unfolding of audio and visual events to the current time as noted by the computing system on which it operates. Aesthetically, the musical motifs reverberate with echoes from the past, while abstract textured visual elements accompany the music’s journey through time.

Endless Moments was selected for inclusion in the creative program of International Symposium on Electronic Art 2024 and exhibited via a 4-projector-wide, floor to ceiling display in the WhiteBox Gallery at the Queensland College of Art and Design, Brisbane, Australia.

A 10-minute video render of Endless Moments.

Music Non Stop is an international generative music group experimenting with the making of music and visual art with code. Andrew R. Brown, Nicholas Coleman, and DEFSTALKR combine to bring decades of digital creative experience to bear on new generative works for digital media. They explore and experiment with code to create generative music and image works which appear to be alive and connect with people. It’s human nature to want more, and so Music Non Stop seeks to create works that extend the boundaries of conventional music forms using the latest digital tools and platforms. With collective experience in commercial music performance, music production, music research and generative art, the members of Music Non Stop come together to create generative audiovisual works that inspire and delight. Projects by Music Non Stop have been sold at digital art auctions, and their music is distributed worldwide across all streaming services. Algorithmic creative interests and outcomes have been a part of each member’s individual lives, and now they continue this journey together and make images and music, non stop. See some work by Music Non Stop at

Andrew R. Brown is an active computer musician, computational artist, designer of creative tools, researcher, educator, and supervisor of research students. He works as Professor of Digital Arts at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia. His research activities focus on modelling creative intelligence, the aesthetics of computational processes, and the design of generative and interactive audiovisual experiences.

DEFSTALKER is an audio engineer, producer, synth & analogue gear junkie. They focus on visual and sound design for generative audiovisual works as a member of Music Non Stop.

Nick Coleman is a music producer and live performer from Melbourne, Australia, now based in Düsseldorf, Germany. A classically trained violinist (A.Mus) and guitarist Coleman completed a Bachelor of Music at Queensland University of Technology. Coleman has written and produced numerous ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) Dance Chart Top 10’s, International Top 10 Pop Chart tracks, Beatport Top 10’s, and a club hit voted into ‘The Australian Top 100 Greatest Dance Tracks of All Time’.