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Botanica Soundscapes

Botanica Soundscapes

Botanica Soundscapes are a suite of ambient musical works designed as a self-guided, mobile phone based, audio-enhanced experience of the Brisbane Botanic Gardens. Soundscapes are geotagged and triggered by location. The sound walk plays a series of atmospheric music tracks that complement particular locations and the experience provides a unique perspective on being in the gardens. The sound walk requires visitors to download the free Echoes app ( to initiate the sound walk.

Botanica Soundscapes was exhibited as part of Brisbane City Council’s Botanica: Contemporary Art Outside festival during May 2021. The virtual nature of the experience means that it continues to be available online.

How to access Botanica Soundscapes

  1. Download the ‘Echoes interactive sound walks’ app from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Search for ‘Botanica Soundscapes’
  3. Choose to ‘stream’ or ‘download’ the walk
  4. Press Start
  5. The map will show locations with soundscapes, they will automatically play when you are in the geo-location.

The suite of specially-composed atmospheric tracks can be heard below.

Water Lilies

Floating, water glistening, the mysterious depths beneath.

The Gardens Club

Repose and fuel up at the café and surrounds.


Trees are celebrated in the gardens, their leaves glisten in the sun. Enjoy the wooden earthiness and let the delicacy uplift you.

Circle Garden

The classical heart of the Gardens. Ordered, delicate and beautiful.


Sit and relax while observing the world around.

The Avenue

Majestic yet delicate, protective yet dominating.

The Lawn

Snooze, read, picnic or play.


Glistening, tranquil, and powerful.


Delicate, attractive, and grounded.


Quiet, mysterious, and alive.