Visualising disillusionment with politics: An exploration of remixed media and commercial design practices

Rae Cooper (DVA)

This research aims to further establish the position of visual communication design as an agent of meta-systemic political engagement. It responds to the question: “How can visual communication design visualise disillusionment with politics?” Its objectives were to investigate the role of visual reflection as a response to contemporary modes of environmental activism and the recent trend in non-traditional political participation, as well as to critically review contemporary environmental protest movements. Through this project, I will explore the need for new modes of political engagement in Australia and critically analyse the work of key practitioners who employ visual art and design to engage with political issues. I will use a practice-based research methodology and a range of methods, including visual discourse analysis, creative practice, public dissemination of visual communication and peer review to validate the quality of my practice-based outcomes. The results of this research are largely presented as a major creative outcome in the form of a series of digital posters, which visualise disillusionment with politics.