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Interactive Dynamic Stochastic Synthesizer

Interactive Dynamic Stochastic Synthesizer

The Interactive Dynamic Stochastic Synthesizer (IDSS) is an instrument that uses stochastic synthesis. It extends the original dynamic stochastic synthesis process devised by Iannis Xenakis and provides an effective interface for interaction.

The IDSS was built in the language Java using the jMusic library for audio and music event processing. There were a number of driving forces behind the development of dynamic stochastic synthesis that the IDSS development has attempted to maintain. In particular these relate to the fact that dynamic stochastic synthesis manipulates data in the time domain and that frequency and spectra attributes are emergent.

One of Xenakis’ interests in creating dynamic stochastic synthesis was to explore a synthesis method that did not rely on harmonic synthesis techniques based upon Fourier’s theories. When developing the IDSS, attention was paid to maintaining or reinforcing these emergent sonic characteristics. Also, the IDSS was intended as a real time instrument either for performance or composition and therefore many aspects of the implementation were designed to facilitate effective interaction and control of the dynamic tendencies.

I used the IDSS for solo performance and duets with Greg Jenkins in Australia and New Zealand, mainly during 2004 and 2005. There are papers on the IDSS and its use in performance from the ACMC 2004, Interaction 2004 and ICMC 2005.

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